Rest of My Life

We started something on Wednesdays that we call song day. The other week Me and Jace grabbed our cameras, Wyatt grabbed the drone and we crammed in the old beater truck with the dogs, kids and singers and made our way to Dove Hollow. This is the result.

The Last Frontier Preview

A preview of our adventure out on the Pacific Ocean. Full moving coming soon.

Tamason’s Gown



My mom and I helped my sis design her wedding dress and eb put it together. What do you think? Should we design a wedding gown collection?

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Woodland Fairy Party

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23 Years


My baby sister got married at Windy Ridge this weekend! Here are a few minutes from rehearsal night.

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Clara Lace Gown



Clara Lace Gown

available in 3 colors

Purchase, here.

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Finding Light

I have read and heard many times that with addiction relapse is part of recovery. This has proven to be true.

Please don’t be discouraged. (You hear that, self?)

Sometimes we fall, but the important thing is brushing ourselves off, getting back up and moving forward. I find that even though sober living can be a rocky path my boy is getting better at brushing himself off and moving forward. He is getting better at finding the right footholds and climbing toward the light.

After a brief hospital stay, our son is living at Windy Ridge awhile for some extra support. This weekend we hiked the lava caves of Mt. St. Helens. As we wandered through the woods without a map my little Violet kept asking me, “mom, are we lost” and each time I would say “there is no such thing as lost when you have Jesus” and she would say “mooooooom!” and giggle.

But it is true. The truest truth there is.



Moira Gown

heirloom gown


Purchase the Moira Gown, here.

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Under The Blue Moon

Annual campout at Dove Hollow. The stuff childhood dreams are made of. #pnw #summer #camp

dove hollow camp 2015girls dove hollowThis weekend we camped under the blue moon.

After a scorching day of swimming, camp food and the chatter and screech of a multitude of children, I lay on the front porch of the cabin listening to the symphony of the wild. Beside me, Jessie Pearl lay sleeping, snuggled up to Olive the Dane. Eddie Poe the crow found his spot next to me on the clothesline and perched with this head in his wing. The blue moon bathed Dove Hollow in white light and made me not mind the burn ban so much.

As the crickets chirp and the moonlight ripples on the water, I consider the heavens, the work of His hands and the moon and the stars that He set in place. In the quiet wide open I see the glory of God everywhere I look and I wonder with David, “What is man that you are mindful of him, and son of man that you care for him?”

And then I rejoice because I know for sure that He is mindful of minuscule me.

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