Heirloom Style at Costco

costco eb roadshowI am excited to announce that we are testing a new market.  This roadshow is just a test and if successful we hope to design an exclusive line for this project.  Simple heirloom style that will give you lower price points without compromising quality.

(think Rachel Ashwell’s “Simply Shabby” for Target)


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Lydia June

Liddy JuneI am one niece richer today. My baby sister had a baby.

Meet Lydia June.


Twenty Two Years

We celebrated twenty two years of marriage last week.  The captain and I stayed at the ocean for two days and then all of our children (except one) joined us there for two more days. We started out in Depoe Bay, Oregon, and made our way to Astoria for the second night and ended up in Long Beach, Washington.  Levi went way out on the ocean for tuna and I brought the kids to town for the customary beach shopping, carousel riding and curly fry eating.  Above is a cameo of it all.

County Fair

Outdoor Baby Shower

r and a and l

 It wasn’t long ago and these two were saying vows on this very same plot of earth.

It was a lovely evening to sit outside and celebrate soon-to-arrive baby Lydia.  We hauled out the kitchen table and loaded it with gourmet cheeses, meats, crackers, fancy jams, jalepeno stuffed olives, grapes, blueberries, mom’s yummy scones and dainty cookies. We filled a bucket with ice and bottled apple cider and carbonated fruit drinks. Easy and delicious.

R and L Rach and Lydia rach baby collageThe golden light was irresistible.

DSC_3003 DSC_3006 DSC_3008 DSC_3016 DSC_3019 DSC_3022 DSC_3038

The little girls were so darling all dressed up in their eden’s bouquet and gathered around their beloved aunt to “help” open gifts.

Jessie Pearl: Indgid Dress

Ella & Hazel: Sonnet Gown

Violet & Mabel: Betsy Dress

Claire: Jessamine Dress

rach lydia ig collage

I N S T A G RA M    P H O T O S

 join me there?

r and l shower ig


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On Screen

Lizzy Caplan


Eden’s Bouquet captured on the TV screen.

15 weeks

landon 2013 and 2014Life here.

Sometimes my limbs tremble and ache from the climbing and grasping.

But today.

This moment.

This moment, the ground is flat and easy as I move forward.

As I skip along toward home I look behind me and marvel at the treacherous terrain that my God has guided me through. Whew!

I look at that first photo of my son and I recall the grief, the high cliffs, the plunging boulders, the trembling fear, the crying out.

I look at the second photo and I overflow with gratitude.

cliffsI know hard roads lie ahead because I am not home yet. I trust in Him for help with those.

But for now.

For now, I will enjoy rest on this gentle path and I will catch my breath.

15 weeks.

Bless The Lord, O my soul!

“Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” —Jesus, lover of my soul.

(you can read our story, here)

Dove Hollow

Jed and Lucas recorded a soundtrack for a documentary short that I am doing about my papa, so when they came to Windy Ridge for that we spontaneously decided to drive down to Dove Hollow to do a separate music video.  Spur of the moment. We all piled into the truck and bounced down the logging road as fast as we could before the sun went down.  I had a vision, but when I went to edit I found that I was lacking the skill. This video is quite different than my original plan, but I think it capures the spirit of Dove Hollow and showcases the talent of Jed and Lucas.



12 Weeks at Home

If you are new to this blog you can read through our journey with addiction, here.

landon 12 weeks

Our decision to do a recovery program at home was not an easy one.  Having no prior experience with this sort of thing we decided to give it a trial run and use the traditional rehab as back up if it didn’t work out.  I was very hopeful, but also prepared if the plan failed. I thought it would be easy to sit down and write up a plan, but when I sat down to write I had no idea where to start.  I decided to use a Teen Challenge schedule for reference and go from there.  This plan has definitely evolved over the last few weeks as we add and take away.

This is what the basic plan looks like today:

  • Random drug testing by a qualified lab
  • House arrest except for approved and chaperoned activities
  • Counseling (we started out with twice a week and are now down to every other week)
  • Support group for those struggling with addiction, once a week
  • Work everyday
  • Bible Study
  • Fishing

One-on-one counseling was high priority because we wanted to talk with someone that had long-term experience dealing with addiction, but having never dealt with a counselor I had no idea how it would go. It has turned out to be a huge help.  All the torture Landon was going through was validated and he found so much hope in being told that “this is normal and it will pass”.  As a family we found it so helpful as we learned more about addiction and what to expect during recovery and were given great advice on ways of dealing with it. Support group is good because he can relate to others in the same situation.

A healthy sleep schedule is enforced because this promotes healing both physically and mentally (though insomnia and messed up sleep schedule can be a big problem during detox and recovery so be prepared to offer help)

House arrest and trusted chaperones are key to our son’s recovery because he knows he can not trust himself. If he could, he would have been better long ago.

Random drug testing at a lab is important because, sadly, no matter how hard you try, addiction will find a way if it thinks it can and needs to be held accountable. A professional lab is important because addiction is experienced at tricking the system.

Our son had not worked for two years during his drug use. Work and strictly sticking to the schedule every day is necessary because idle time is the devil’s workshop. No joke. Those first days of detox Landon would stumble into the work truck with Levi and even though he couldn’t work he was there and it provided distraction through his sickness. He worked when he could those first weeks, but mostly those days were about surviving one minute at a time.  He passed out, he puked, he hurt, but he made it through.  I love Levi so much for doing that for our son.

Bible study and truth preaching are the most important of all.  During this time our son’s mind was working against him and, oh, how the enemy loves to attack a worn and weary mind. There were moments when the war between truth and lies was almost tangible and the intense battle would leave us exhausted. One night in particular stands out.  Earlier that evening had gone well.  We all listened to this good sermon about being bitten and shaking it off and we felt strengthened by the Word of God.

Things can change so quickly.

Landon had a hard moment and the darkness became overwhelming. He suddenly wanted to leave, he felt like he couldn’t handle the rules, couldn’t handle staying clean and couldn’t handle the commitment. We both knew if he left, recovery at home was over, and as he clenched his fists and spouted out all the reasons he couldn’t do it we fought back with truth. We went to bed weary and thankful that night.  Each battle won like that will leave you stronger in the end and better prepared for the next round.

Home rehab is not for everyone.  I think it is working for us because Landon wanted so badly to get better and had for some time, but he just couldn’t do it without major support. Landon was best case scenario.

The more family and friends you can get involved in the recovery plan the higher the chances of success.  The counselor talks of building a hedge—-a growing, living thing that must be tended. He tells us the basic facts: it takes 3 months for the body to physically heal, 6 months for the brain to heal and up to 2 years to repair social relationships (our son had a headstart on the social repairs).

We are also reminded that though we would like recovery to look like this:

recovery straight lineIt actually looks like this:

recovery loopsand that’s okay as long as we are moving forward. I found that very helpful (and true).  Eventually the loops get farther apart and sober living becomes easier.  It is so important to recognize triggers and avoid them and that is all part of the loops—finding what caused the setback, changing it, and moving forward. Triggers can be music, locations, habits, etc. and Landon is learning to eliminate the old and replace with new and better things.  He is building a guitar with his grandpa, taking guitar lessons and started fishing in his spare time.

Recovery at home requires a lot of sacrifice as our family rallies around the one who needs it.  It is doable and worth it.

It is so wonderful to see our boy living life and I am savoring these good days.

12 weeks clean and sober.

I am still compiling a list of tried and true recovery programs and will post soon. Please email if you have questions or encouragement, need to be encouraged or just want to talk.

Thank you all for the support—-we are blessed beyond words.


I will leave you with this wonderful truth:

If you think you are standing strong, be careful not to fall.  The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful.  He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand.  When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure. (1 Corinthians 12-13)



Painting Fabric


I bought these 2 ivory chairs years ago and I love the fabric, but couldn’t get the stains out.  I found an excellent solution in Annie Sloan’s chalk paint.  Simply paint the fabric and finish with her wonderful wax. This makes the fabric wipeable and feels sort of like leather. Love it. I highly recommend her brushes, too.  For deeper weave fabrics you will need more paint as the fabric soaks it up. I chose the color “French Linen” for these chairs in the master bedroom.

sitting room painted chairs

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