Ruffle Pants

party_81 BCMEDIA


The Antique Silk Ruffle Pants featured in the December issue of BC Magazine

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Heirloom Lace Bonnet



Beautiful baby Anna in the Heirloom Lace Bonnet.

Photo by Bohemian Secret

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Bus Conversion: Floor

st helens bus


We are officially behind schedule on the Windy Ridge bus. At the last minute we decided to rip up the existing floor and replace it. We replaced the insulation and layered on top plywood, another layer of rigid insulation and topped that with hardwood plywood. We also built up the engine compartment to allow for a bigger engine in the future if need be. There has been a lot of ripping, sawing, drilling, welding and fastening going on around here.

bus conversion floor


The floor is done. The plumbing is done. Now onto wiring. Will this be the week we post an ad titled  ”partially converted bus for sale”? I think we can do this, right? Ha.

jess bus

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So Many Fish

Lucky us, we were serenaded all the day long as our friends, Jed & Lucas, played their new single and we shot video.

You can support local talent and buy their new single on iTunes. :-)

Silk & Lace

Mirabel Gown available: here

We Bought a Bus

bus conversion blog

We have a wedding to go to on the opposite coast about 3000 miles away. It is a tricky thing to haul a large family that far so we decided to buy a bus. Cousin just so happened to have one parked in the woods not far from here. She is a 1989 MCI coach bus and in the next 20 weeks we will be converting her into a traveling home.  We have 40 feet to work with and will need to get very creative to fit our family. We are all very excited to see what we can do. You can follow along live, here, and I will also be posting our journey on this blog.

MCI coach bus conversion

The first thing we did was scrub the outside. Next, we gutted it—-all the seats, overhead compartments, plastic, trim, bathroom—-gone.

The next step is the hardwood floor. I have always dreamed of this, haven’t you?

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Mirabel Gown

mirabel gown back mirabel gownPurchase, here.

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Christmas Eve

Glass Candy Twists


Recipe, here.

The Christmas Movie

The Christmas story narrated by the children of Windy Ridge.  Thank you, family, for playing along.