My baby sister got married at Windy Ridge this weekend! Here are a few minutes from rehearsal night.

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Finding Light

I have read and heard many times that with addiction relapse is part of recovery. This has proven to be true.

Please don’t be discouraged. (You hear that, self?)

Sometimes we fall, but the important thing is brushing ourselves off, getting back up and moving forward. I find that even though sober living can be a rocky path my boy is getting better at brushing himself off and moving forward. He is getting better at finding the right footholds and climbing toward the light.

After a brief hospital stay, our son is living at Windy Ridge awhile for some extra support. This weekend we hiked the lava caves of Mt. St. Helens. As we wandered through the woods without a map my little Violet kept asking me, “mom, are we lost” and each time I would say “there is no such thing as lost when you have Jesus” and she would say “mooooooom!” and giggle.

But it is true. The truest truth there is.



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Under The Blue Moon

Annual campout at Dove Hollow. The stuff childhood dreams are made of. #pnw #summer #camp

dove hollow camp 2015girls dove hollowThis weekend we camped under the blue moon.

After a scorching day of swimming, camp food and the chatter and screech of a multitude of children, I lay on the front porch of the cabin listening to the symphony of the wild. Beside me, Jessie Pearl lay sleeping, snuggled up to Olive the Dane. Eddie Poe the crow found his spot next to me on the clothesline and perched with this head in his wing. The blue moon bathed Dove Hollow in white light and made me not mind the burn ban so much.

As the crickets chirp and the moonlight ripples on the water, I consider the heavens, the work of His hands and the moon and the stars that He set in place. In the quiet wide open I see the glory of God everywhere I look and I wonder with David, “What is man that you are mindful of him, and son of man that you care for him?”

And then I rejoice because I know for sure that He is mindful of minuscule me.

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Cherishing this

me and jess 2015

Enchanted Forest

A fun project the kids & I did for Unilever. Who doesn’t want to play dress-up down in the woods at golden hour?

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landon and calli june 2015


It’s hard to believe that a year ago I wrote: this.

Since that day my son has went through a rigorous home recovery program, had good days and bad days, got married, moved out, moved back in for a bit more recovery and moved back out again. It hasn’t been an easy road, but it has been so worth it. Today he is clean and sober.

Trust and Obey. No matter how bad it seems, God is bigger.

What joy to see him healthy! This week we celebrated life at the local pizza place where Landon and Calli proudly and ceremoniously announced that they are having a baby girl. A granddaughter for us! Imagine that!

I want to thank you all, again, for your prayers. I hope this update encourages you and renews your strength.

Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise. Jeremiah 17:14


simon 2015

 For nearly 14 years this dear dog kept watch.

Sitting grandly on the front steps he would look out toward the north with an air of importance.

My kids don’t know life without him.

He was born around the same time as our boy Jace.

Riley and him were best friends.

He was deathly afraid of water and car rides.

Cats would sleep on top of him.

He never (purposely) killed another creature.

He was the biggest Saint Bernard our vet had ever seen.

He thrived on table scraps.

He loved walking to my mom and dad’s and if we didn’t want him to follow us we had to be sneaky because he somehow knew when we were going there.

He would give random visitors rides whether they wanted rides or not and there has been more than one awkward moment of delivery men riding up to my door.

He lived a good, long life. (nearly 14 years)

That is 98 dog years.

Though his old bones were getting achy he would jump and leap like a puppy every time we came home.

Yesterday was his last day.

We will miss you like crazy big, old, loyal, slobbery, affectionate, stinky, darling dog.


A series of unfortunate events happened Thursday morning and Simon was injured.

Though we tried our best to nurse him through it he was suffering and had to be put down. I cried like a baby.


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