Sea Billows

Moira Gown

edens bouquet moira gown


eden’s bouquet Moira Gown by Sandra Bianco Photography

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Walk With Me

This weekend was quite the contrast to the wedding bustle of last weekend. We strolled and meandered and wandered in the warm sunshine around Windy Ridge.

Baby & Me Magazine


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Little Magazine


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Wedding Day

Above is a little iPhone video preview of the wedding.  Real camera video coming soon.

We had 2.5 weeks to prepare and a very unpredicatable weather forecast.  Wedding day dawned misty and cool, but thankfully the rain stayed away despite the ominous clouds.  Windy Ridge was bustling with family and friends from morning to night and we are now one daughter richer. Those of you who have followed my son’s story know how special this day was. Thank you for your continued prayers and love.

DSC_4631 web

DSC_4638 web

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After rehearsal we brought the wedding party and our songbirds to the little, old church for open mic.

Wedding Week

landon and calli wedding week


Instagram photos from this blessed wedding week. Follow along, here.

It has been over 6 months addiction-free for my boy. This Sunday we celebrate with a wedding. Two weeks ago they told me they would like to get married here and since then Windy Ridge has been bustling with preparation.  Those of you who have been following Landon’s story know how much this means to us.  God is amazing. Always.

Stay tuned for the wedding story (or follow along on Instagram for daily photos).

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Fried Apple Rings

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


I was in the middle of deep-frying supper (yeah, we are health nuts) and Levi was slicing apples to dehydrate and suddenly we had the brilliant idea to deep fry the apples. Giddy with the possibilites of this new invention, we mixed up some Krusteaz pancake batter, dumped in some cinnamon and sugar, dipped the fresh apple rings and fried. We let drain on paper towels and sprinkled with liberal amounts of the cinnamon and sugar.  Oh my! In seconds we had a delicious, fresh apple pie.  We called the family that live across the woods so that we could share this bit of yummy genius. They came. We ate every last one while reminding ourselves that it was a good thing that I accidentally added salt instead of sugar to the fresh whipped cream or this dessert might have been fattening.

(a quick internet search found that we are not the only brilliant people that thought of this and deep fried apple rings have been around for ages)

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Lydia June


Lydia June in eden’s bouquet

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