Christmas Tree 2012

Last Saturday was drizzly and gray, but we went tree hunting anyway. Sabra and I, with the little girls and the Saint Bernard.  We were surprised to see that our scraggly firs had grown past Christmas tree size this year and we had a hard time finding one that would fit in the house. After a soggy hike hither and yon we found it and called the big boys to cut it down and haul it in.

I gave the children instructions on how to drape the lights and when it was done the tree ended up with a cluster of lights up the middle with unadorned and gangly branches. I grimaced for a bit and considered trying to rearrange them and came to the conclusion that I was too lazy. Rather than try to fix it and hurt their feelings I simply changed my way of thinking and suddenly it looked like a beautiful constellation of sparkly stars in the middle of the tree.  Just like magic.

We tied on some vintage lace and hung what was left of the dollar store ornaments from last year.  For the top we made paper stars with the pages of my Restoration Hardware catalog. You can find the tutorial, here.

Jessie Pearl testing her mobility in the glow of the lights.

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